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Native Mobile APP for the ECommerce

What is the Native Mobile App?

If you are considering investing on the mobile and taking your business to the next level having an app is going to be mandatory. As you know 50-70% of conversions are happening from mobile in the ecommerce industry. One of the biggest challenges when you want to decide your mobile app is to know which type of App you need to develop? I am sure if you have asked any solution provider out there, the first question you will have to answer would be which type of app you need Native apps, Web and Hybrid apps? 

Let us solve this problem for you and we do not ask this question to our client; rather we understand the business need and recommend a solution which works best for them considering the budget and help our customer enhancing the platform as they grow!! 

Benefits of having Native App ?

  • Mobile Apps are quick and lighting fast 
  • User-centric personalisation
  • Instant access by a tap
  • Online and offline access 
  • Build smart features using smart phone features 
  • Instantly notify your customer about the offers 
  • Continuous updates 
  • Customized branding 
  • Increase productivity and revenue 
  • Better User Experience 
  • Improved SEO and Many more 

 Included in our solutions :

  • What is offered is a headless native mobile application which can be run in any platform like iOS and Android!
  • Access to the Source code 
  • Magento for the backend 
  • Very lightweight 
  • Push notification
  • Easy to customize 
  • Device Compatibility etc