Inventory System. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

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Inventory System. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

  • Domain: .NET C# Web Application
  • Client: US Based
  • Environment: .NET MVC, SQL Server 2016, Windows server 2012 R2, Asp.Net, Ado.Net, Html, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS


This application serves as an Inventory System to the employs of the Company. It serves different departments to incorporate with each other from creating the indent to buy the raw material to sell the end product to the customers all over the world. The following roles exist in the application:

  1. Depository
  2.  Supply Chain
  3.  Production
  4. Quality Control
  5.  Marketing

The employee has to raise an intent to purchase the raw material after checking the depository report. Then Manager has to approve with his personal credentials proceed by the Supply Chain department will generates the order report. Now after the approval of manager the requirement will be fulfilled. The depository now distributes the required raw materials to the production dept. for the production purpose. After the end product is done the Quality control dept. Conducts some tests and generates the report. The marketing department sells the product to the required customers worldwide. Admin and Process Manager will also have access to the reports section which contains all the reports of requests categorized by their status.

Role: Database Design and implementation, Requirement analysis, technical design, planning, development of project together with team, Team Management, Project Delivery, Server Handling, Deployment.